Formaneck Irrigation is a sprinkler irrigation system installation contractor who can install, service or repair your residential, commercial, municipal, or homeowners association in ground sprinkler irrigation system in the Twin Cities and southern metro areas.

Effective April 15th, 2024 we ARE taking irrigation system installation requests from new customers.

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Backflow Testing

Formaneck Irrigation Backflow Testing

Why are Backflow devices required to be inspected?

As of January 23, 2016 the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry adopted new Backflow laws. All TESTABLE DEVICES must now be tested annually and upon initial installation.  603.4.2 - The premise owner or responsible person shall have the backflow prevention assembly tested by a certified backflow assembly tester at the time of installation, repair, or relocation and not less than one annual schedule thereafter, or more often where required by the Authority Having Jurisdiction. Periodic testing shall be performed in accordance with the procedures referenced in Table 1401.1 (by a tester qualified in accordance with those standards).

Who are we?

Formaneck Irrigation is a local business in Apple Valley with experience testing Backflow assemblies in Commercial and Residential applications in the Twin City area. We also winterize backflow assemblies and blow out sprinkler systems. We are licensed and insured

What do we do?

Formaneck Irrigation performs your backflow test and submit all of the documentation to the water purveyor or governing agency for you. If the assembly happens to fail we offer a free estimate and discuss any repairs with you prior to work being performed. Repairs will be performed by a licensed plumber.

So what does my backflow assembly do?

Backflow assemblies stop water from siphoning, which means they prevent contaminants from being siphoned back into the public drinking water supply if the system ever loses pressure. Anyone that has ever created a siphon to drain water from something knows that water can be siphoned up or down hill. Pressure loss in water systems is more common than you might think. Some of the reasons for pressure loss are main line breaks, pump failures, system maintenance, modification and fire extinguishing. Even pressure fluctuations can cause water to siphon backwards.

Why are backflow assemblies and sprinkler systems winterized in Minnesota?

The winter season in Minnesota can get extremely cold. Most water that is outside ends up freezing. This includes the water in your backflow assembly and in the pipes of your sprinkler system. As water freezes inside these pipes, it expands and cracks the pipes damaging them. Your backflow and sprinkler systems are expensive and should bring you many years of service. Formaneck Irrigation can help prevent siphoning and watering your lawn conveniently, efficiently and save you hours of labor.