Formaneck Irrigation is a sprinkler irrigation system installation contractor who can install, service or repair your residential, commercial, municipal, or homeowners association in ground sprinkler irrigation system in the Twin Cities and southern metro areas.

Effective April 15th, 2024 we ARE taking irrigation system installation requests from new customers.

Also, we ARE NOT accepting irrigation system startup, service or repair requests from new customers.

Formaneck Irrigation now offers Backflow Testing services, for more information Click Here!

Formaneck Irrigation

About Formaneck Irrigation


We are a company built on pride. We take great pride in all the work we do. From Lake pump systems, over 3,000 residential irrigation systems to a 20 acre town home complex automated sprinkler system installation and everything in between. We have the experience to handle any size in ground sprinkler irrigation system installation.


Our company has continued to grow through the years in good economic times, as well as bad. While data gathered by the National Irrigation Association shows that 85% of all irrigation contractors fail within their first six years of business, we have been an exception to the rule. We work hard to earn your business as we grow ours. And we look forward to serving all of your irrigation needs for years to come.


We use only the highest commercial grade products available. The primary component of all of our quality installations is the personnel doing the work. Our irrigation service and installation crews have been fully trained and are experienced.


Service is the MOST IMPORTANT part of any irrigation business. Service starts in the office. Our office personal will take your request and route it in our routing software. This software will keep track of service history, special needs, requests and much more. Our trained technicians see this history as a way to service you better.

Many of the calls we perform are on sprinkler irrigation systems that were installed by other contractors, where the original installer disappeared or failed to return.

Our total commitment to providing excellent service is one of the reasons we are one of the very few chosen statewide by Rainbird to be a Rainbird Select Contractor. This designation means Rainbird is willing to put their name and reputation not only on their product we install, but also on us as the contractor.

Superior Design

The Irrigation Design is the most important aspect to any efficient sprinkler system. Formaneck Irrigation will take into consideration such things as soil and plant types, water pressure, existing shade, normal seasonal winds, and numerous other factors in designing your system for lasting satisfaction.

About your local irrigation system and sprinkler installation, service and repair specialists at Formaneck Irrigation.